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A luscious tour to Phoenix

by Dhriti

I believe in ‘Live like local, do like local, and eat like local’ when visiting a new destination. This motto has helped me explore a lot of places without getting cash-strapped. I don’t mind eating a hearty meal from street food vendors, grabbing some other cheap eats, and sipping a can of beer from small local bars. Splurging at luxurious restaurants is for special occasions. But for cheaper meals I have prepared a luscious tour to Phoenix down below for you all.

The Scottsdale area of Phoenix has good Italian delis and restaurants, but budget meals are always refreshing alternatives, especially when you don’t want to empty your pocket.

If you love trying different cuisines but have a limited budget, check out my guide to cheap eateries in Phoenix.

1. Arriba Mexican Grill

Address: 4649 East Chandler Boulevard,

Phoenix, AZ 85048

1812 East Camelback Road,

Phoenix, AZ 85023

Price: 4.99$-9.99$

With six branches in Arizona, two are in Phoenix- Arriba Mexican Grill has a funky ambiance. The eatery is among a few in the town that typically offers hot and spicy Mexican food. Above all, Ariba Mexican Grill, can make up to your luscious tour to Phoenix.

Divided the menu into eight categories, the comprehensive range of food options available in Arriba Mexican Grill will amuse you. Apart from the three important meals, the restaurant has included Lunch Specials, Happy Hours, Party Platter, Appetizers, Cocktails, and Desserts.

It is one of the most affordable places in Phoenix, where you can have microbrew beer at 3$.

Warning: The hatch chili will leave you in a frenzy, so check their Hot Chilli Meter before ordering anything.

2. Fry Bread House

Address: 4545 N 7th Ave,

Phoenix, AZ 85013

Price: 3.29$-10$

A humble eatery run by a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation has something unique to offer to its guests. When I first visited them, I expected it to be all fried bread stuffed with American spices, herbs, veggies, and meat. But when I saw the dish of one of the diners, I knew, for Indians, it’s not fried bread; it’s similar to puri (Fried Chapati), or bhatura, popular in Delhi and North India.

Fry Bread House serves traditional Tohono O’odham delicacies, and the signature dish pillowy fry bread stuffed with beef, beans, cheese, and topped with chocolate is worth a try.

A great lunchtime spot that will not cost you more than 10$.

3. Pita Jungle

Address: 1001 N 3rd Ave, Ste 4,

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Price: 2.09$-13$

From vegan to non-vegan, Pita Jungle caters to the guests of all taste buds. To be precise, Pita Jungle can fulfil your luscious tour to Phoenix. They offer a wide range of Middle-eastern cuisines, tacos, roasted chicken shawarma, turkey pesto, burgers, wood-fired pizza, and a lot more. The gyros, filled with beef and lamb and tahini-slathered falafel, are a must-try here.

Pita Jungle has included Kid’s special menu, where your kids can relish a hearty meal packed with nutrition.

4. Curry Corner

Address: 1212 E Apache Blvd Tempe,

AZ 85281

Price: 4$-14$

So I was visiting the Desert Botanical Garden and craved some masala chai (spiced tea). I googled nearby coffee houses when Curry Corner, an Indo-Pak restaurant, popped up. The place is hardly 15 minutes away from the Botanical garden, and I immediately decided to visit this.

While sipping my Kashmiri chai with samosas, I went through the menu and decided to have my dinner here. I couldn’t resist the temptation of non-veg thali, which included two chicken dishes, rice, naan, vegetable, yogurt, and salad.

The atmosphere is homely and, trust me- you won’t be dissatisfied—a great place to enjoy a rich Indo-Pak meal.

5. Carolina’s Mexican Food

Address: 2126 East Cactus Road

Phoenix, AZ 85022

Price: 1.95$-9$

I heard a lot about this eatery and thus decided to visit. A lot of my friends praised the freshly made tortillas, burros, flautas, and more. Perfect for a cheap and quick meal on the go, Carolina’s Mexican Food has been feeding the community for more than fifty decades now.

When I visited them, it was almost occupied with guests, a few devouring the soft tacos, others waiting for their order to arrive. The tacos filled with shredded chicken or beef, red chile burro, homemade flour tortilla are a must-try here.

Most of their items are within 6$, making this place one of the affordable restaurants in Phoenix.

This is indeed a luscious tour to Phoenix. From mom-and-pop eateries to funky bistros, look around anywhere, and you won’t be disappointed in Phoenix. There’s always something good that matches every appetite and allows you to explore culinary delights in the town.

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