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Things can turn south anytime, and you need to be prepared for that. There’s no need to feel pressure about the last-minute rush if you are traveling by Air Canada. Being the flag carrier and the largest airline in Canada, the airline always operates scheduled flights on time. However, to be extra cautious, you can keep track of Air Canada flight status to know if the flight is on-time or if there are no changes in its itinerary.

How to Check Air Canada Airlines’ Flight Status

We all want to have on-time flights, but some factors may impact the flight’s schedule. If you are unaware of it, you can easily keep track of your Air Canada’s real-time flight status by clicking a few tabs. There are two ways to check Air Canada’s status– online and offline and both of them are equally reliable.

Online Method

  • Visit
  • You can search it either by Search by Flight or Search by Route
  • If you are searching by flight, enter your flight’s number and date. If you are searching by route, enter origin and destination airport, date, and click on find
  • The next page will display the real-time status of your Air Canada flight

Offline Method

The best way to get real-time flight status is to ask at Air Canada’s airport counter. The Air Canada airport ground crew member can give you the most updated status of your flight. In case you are not at the airport, you can call Air Canada customer support number to know about the arrival, departure time of your flight.

How to Check Air Canada’s PNR Status

Passenger Name Record or PNR number is allotted to each passenger. With PNR, both the airline and the passenger can determine if the passenger’s boarding is confirmed or not. Furthermore, with PNR numbers, passengers can easily check their flight status. The PNR number is initiated at the time of booking a flight. You can enter your PNR number to monitor the status of your reservation, and the flight’s scheduled arrival and departure.

Air Canada Flight Status Description

You can avoid that last-minute rush if you are well-informed about the flight’s most updated status. Although Air Canada tries to offer on-time flights, if due to bad weather, technical glitch, or any other issue, the airline delays or reschedules its flights, then the airline notifies its passengers. However, we have listed the flight status description of Air Canada so that you don’t have to get restless fearing the last-minute rush.

Scheduled –  Flight is on time and not yet airborne.

Delayed – Flight will depart after its scheduled departing time.

Departed – Flight has left the departure gate but may not be airborne yet.

In Air – Flight has taken off.

Diverted – Flight has been diverted to a new destination instead of the original destination.

Recovery – Flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination.

Landed – Flight has landed.

Arrived – Flight has arrived at its destination gate

Canceled – Flight has been canceled

No Takeoff Info – The real-time status of the flight is not available. Contact the airline for all the information.

Importance of Air Canada Flight Status

You have booked your flight, and you are unsure of the flight’s timing. In such cases, you can continuously track Air Canada’s status for the flight you have booked. This way, you can monitor the live status of your flight, its arrival and departure timing, origin, destination, any layover, or delays. Tracking the flight’s live status helps you know if the flight is delayed and you might miss your connecting flight. Knowing that your flight is delayed, you can either wait or book another flight, which will save your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you check Air Canada Airlines’ flight status?

    There are two ways to check the status of Air Canada Airlines’ flights. You can either check the status online by visiting Air Canada’s official website or by calling the Air Canada Airlines customer support number.

  • Where can I get the real-time information of my Air Canada flight status?

    The most reliable way to get the latest information of your Air Canada flight status is to search it at Air Canada’s website, or at the airport counter.

  • How can I know if my Air Canada flight is on-time or late?

    If you are at the airport, you can visit the Air Canada counter and ask them the status of your flight. You can also check it online by visiting the airline’s official website and entering your PNR or route, or flight number.

  • What if my flight is delayed and the airline didn’t notify me?

    Air Canada always keeps its passengers informed with its latest status. If somehow the airline doesn’t notify you, you can claim compensation.

  • What if the airline is unsure of the scheduled departure?

    It happens once in a blue moon when the airline is unsure about its flight’s departure. It happens due to a technical glitch, natural calamity, or emergency government guidelines with immediate effect. In such cases, the airline will inform you about the delay. You will be compensated if the flight is 3-hour later than its scheduled departure.

Air Canada Popular Airports

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport Flights
  • Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport Flights
  • Vancouver International Airport Flights
  • San Francisco International Airport Flights
  • Los Angeles International Airport Flights

Air Canada Popular Routes

  • Vancouver to Toronto (YVR to YTO)
  • Tokyo to Vancouver (TYO to YVR)
  • Toronto to Montreal (YTO to YMQ)

Air Canada Popular Destinations

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