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About Atlantic Airways

The national airline of the Faroese Islands-Atlantic Airways is operating the domestic and international passenger services as well as search and rescue responsibilities from its base at the Vagar Airport on the Faroese Island. In addition, most of the pilots of Atlantic Airways are members of the Faroese Pilot Association. Furthermore, there’s an Atlantic Airways customer support number each allotted for the different countries. 

Customer Support

Atlantic Airways provides several services for its passengers. These services come with various questions and issues. To resolve them, the airline offers various options to reach out to them. As a part of Atlantic Airways (RC) customer service, phone support is the optimum option to contact and get responses from a live person.

So, let’s look over the important details about Atlantic Airways Customer support.

Contact Number/Toll-Free/Email- Hubs

Atlantic Airways

Contact Number – +298 34 10 00
Email[email protected]

Contact Number/Toll-Free/Email- Focus City

Focus CitiesCustomer Care
Faroe Island+298 35 44 00

Rest of the World

The passengers who reside in other countries of the world can reach out to the airlines on this number +298354400.

Waiting Time 

The average waiting time while contacting Atlantic Airways customer support is 3-4 hours. However, the time duration may be more or less depending upon the availability of the agents.

Other modes of Customer support service 

Atlantic Airways offers various modes to contact them. In case contacting Atlantic Airways  customer support number doesn’t work out for you, then, here is a list of all the other modes: 

Mobile Chat Support

Passengers can also reach the airline’s customer support through Mobile Chat where Android and iOS users can enquire and resolve the questions and issues through this number:+57 3114006797.

Social Media Support

Social Media Support is a perfect way to connect with Atlantic Airways. In this way, you can check out their new policies and ask your queries over social media accounts like Facebook (@atlanticairways), Instagram (Atlanticairways), and Youtube. The best part is that the service is available all the time to make your journey seamless.

How does Lowest Flight Fare help customers resolve their issues with Atlantic Airways (RC) Airlines Customer Service?

When you get in touch with Lowest Flight Fare for any Atlantic Airways (RC) customer service-related issue, for a ticket purchased from us, we will assist you better and resolve all your issues faster. Whether you seek assistance for canceling, rescheduling, booking, rebooking, refund, related issues, we provide you with detailed information and with the solution to the issue.


  • What kind of issue does Atlantic Airways Customer Support, Executive, Resolve?

    Atlantic Airways resolves various issues like itinerary changes, reservations, flight cancellations, and refunds. Besides that, they also help in providing flight information, issuing tickets, solving ticket-related issues.

  • Why do customers call the Atlantic Airways Customer Support number?

    Customers can make a call to Atlantic Airways customer support to solve their queries regarding their travel booking. Such queries can be anything from refunds to policies of the airline.

  • Which issues cannot be resolved with a call to Atlantic Airways customer support?

    Some of the major issues like baggage lost and found, travel documents (passport, visa) requirement is the responsibility of the concerned airport. Hence, such issues cannot be resolved by Atlantic Airways customer support executives.

  • What is the waiting time when calling the Atlantic Airways customer support system?

    The average waiting time while contacting Atlantic Airways is 3-4 hours, but it may vary on the availability of the agents.

  • What is the customer support number of Atlantic Airways?

    The customer support number of Atlantic Airways is+298354400. You can reach out for the various queries and issues at this number.

  • How do I contact the Atlantic Airways customer support number?

    You can contact Atlantic Airways in several ways. The modes of contact include Phone support, Mobile chat support, and social media support.

  • How does Lowest Flight Fare resolve customers’ queries associated with Atlantic Airways customer service?

    Lowest Flight Fare takes full responsibility for resolving all your problems with Atlantic Airways when you book your tickets with us. We always ensure faster and smooth service.

  • Is Atlantic Airways (RC) a good airline?

    Atlantic Airways is a national airline of Faroese Island of Vagar airport. It operates domestic helicopter services and international passenger services on the Faroese Island of Vagar.

  • Is contacting the Atlantic Airways customer support number useful?

    Yes, it is very valuable for the passengers to reach out to Atlantic Airways customer support and you can simply resolve your issues and queries with the airlines.

  • What should you do if you are not satisfied with your call to the Atlantic Airways support executive?

    In case you are not satisfied with your call to the customer support executive then you can try the other modes of contact like try hanging up and calling again, emailing the CEO, or contacting the executive customer care team.

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