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Best Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL

by Dhriti

From low-key eateries to fine dining, Jax got a slew of great dining options. Whether you are a college-goer or a cash-strapped backpacker, you are sure you don’t have to starve yourself to save some bucks. The city is full of small eateries and food trucks, offering belly-up meals at an affordable price. From risotto to guacamole, Jacksonville serves all taste buds without asking a lot from you. Below is a list of the five best restaurants in Jacksonville, FL. So, track them down and immerse them in a succulent journey.

1. One Night Taco Stand

A budget-friendly restaurant at San Jose Blvd, serves Mexican cuisines at affordable price / Best Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL
Image source- Instagram.com/onenighttacostandjax

Address: 9703 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville, Florida 32257

Price: 2$-14$

The name may sound quirky, the interior funny, but the food is a serious business here. One Night Taco Stand probably serves Jacksonville’s delicious meal, the soft corn tortillas, quesadillas, fajitas, huaraches, tostadas, beer, and fine wine.

The wall is full of graffiti, Mexican wrestlers, pink chairs, and sofas with blue cushions.

The menu mainly covers Mexican cuisines, corn cakes topped with meat, beans, veggies, tortas, and more. The crispy fries topped with carna Asada are a hit here. But I enjoyed burrito supreme, where the tortilla is stuffed with shredded chicken, lettuce, red sauce, sour cream, and served with rice and beans.

2. Pho Today

Visit this Vietnamese restaurant for spicy beef and ham rice noodle soup / Best Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL
Image source-tripadvisor.in/

Address: 9700 Deer Lake ct#5a

Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Price: 3$-14$

Pho Today is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant that serves authentic Vietnamese food in Jacksonville with delicately designed wooden furniture, beautiful lighting, wall paintings, and a small flower vase. If you plan for an evening slurping on a steaming bowl of noodles from the north with added spices from the south, add Pho Today on your dinner date.

Spicy beef and Vietnamese ham rice noodle soup are served with ham hock, and pork jelly is a must-try here and costs 11$. Above all, this is an excellent place with an affordable budget range, and I like to visit them to slurp hot and steamy soup during winter.
It is indeed one of the best restaurants in Jacksonville.

3. Bottlenose Brewing

Located at Deer Lake, Bottlenose Brewing serves relishing craft beers and fine wine / Best Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL
Image source-Instagram.com/bottlenosebrewing

Address: 9700 Deer Lake Ct#1,

Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Price: 2.50$-12$

For those weekends when you crave some fine wine or craft beer and want to spend some time with your gang, then Bottlenose Brewing is the best place to go. With 50 taps on the wall to fill up your beer glass, Bottlenose Brewing has its brewery and offers Funky Buddha and Cigar City.

Also, the 6$ chicken bites and 5.50$ Irish Red Ale, is all you need to get over from the hectic week hangover. Moreover, with delicious drinks and tasty grub, Bottlenose Brewing has a great ambiance and friendly staff.

4. Soul Food Bistro

With rustic exterior, Soul Food Bistro is a good budget-friendly restaurant in NYC.
Image source-tripadvisor.in/

Address: 5310 Lenox Ave Suite 1,

Jacksonville, Florida 32205

9400 Atlantic Blvd,

Jacksonville, Florida 32225

Price: 3$-15.99$

Justifying its name, Soul Food Bistro is indeed one of the best restaurants in Jacksonville, that accommodates every taste bud and offers southern-style soul food. Apart from the delicious food, I loved the warm welcome and hospitality, which is very rare in today’s hospitality sector. Also, the folks at Soul Food Bistro ensure each of their guests is treated like family.

Besides, when it comes to food, they do not compromise with the quality. There are many options on the menu to choose from, and they also offer special daily meals, but what I liked the most was dark country fried chicken and white herb-roasted chicken.

It was a pleasant experience for me as I never felt such warm hospitality and care in any restaurant I ever visited. True to their philosophy, the folks indeed turned the restaurant into a place where you will be treated as a family.

5. Yafa Grill

An authentic middle-eastern restaurant in Jacksonville, serving falafel at an affordable price
Image source-yelp.com/

Address: 3625 St Johns Bluff Rd S,

Jacksonville, Florida 32224

Price: 3.99$-24$

From 3.99$ grilled potatoes to 24$ lamb’s chop dinner, Yafa Grill is one of the best restaurants in Jacksonville, that matches every budget. I didn’t bump into Yafa accidentally or locate this eatery through a google search. A stranger suggested that I visit this place while we had a beer in my hotel bar.

Before Yafa, I tried a lot of middle eastern cuisines in different restaurants in Turkey, so I know what an authentic falafel or chicken shawarma lunch platter tastes like. Yafa is indeed a restaurant offering the taste of the middle-east in Jacksonville.

Eating cheap doesn’t mean you have to compromise with hygiene and the quality of food. So, if you are on a tight budget and in Jacksonville, nothing can stop you from having a belly-up meal at a good restaurant. Jax knows how to satiate hunger and maintain deliciousness all at once.

Bon Appetit!

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