Cheap Flights from Boston to Medellin

by Austiee

Know more about Medellin

Do you want to escape from your chaotic life? Or are you sick of your boredom and craving for an adventure? Then, stop being lethargic and take a break. Book your flights from Boston to Medellin soon. This city, filled with enormous activities and high-spirited vibes, can give you a quick dose of happiness. Either for pre-planned long trips or for at moments short breaks, this place is the best to visit. Whether you want to eat a bona fide cuisine or enjoy with your friends at a bonfire, we’ll tell you all about what, where, and how to do it! So, plan your trip from Boston to Medellin now.

Best time to visit Medellin

  • Peak season (March-May)
    The best time to travel from Boston to Medellin is the spring season. Tourist preference for this time of year is very high. 
  • Low season (June-August)
    The tourist crowds are seen lower during this time of year. 

Flights from Boston (BOS) to Medellin (MDE)

Flights from Boston (BOS) to Medellin (MDE) can give a blow to your budget if you go un-informed and we don’t want that. So here is all the information regarding the cheapest flights to Medellin from Boston. If looking for a getaway or last-minute flight, the best and most affordable day for you to book your tickets is Wednesday, at 276.5$ (roundtrip). By our examinations, we have concluded days and their prices from last 90 days. See the table given below. 

MONDAY 316$ 
TUESDAY 278.5$ 
FRIDAY 368$ 
SUNDAY 626$ 

Often there is no price differentiation while booking flight tickets on roundtrip or one-way both. Overall prices for connecting and direct Boston (BOS) to Medellin (MDE) are 722.2$ and 328$, respectively. The major merchandising airports are  Boston Logan International (BOS), Boston Portsmouth – Pease (PSM), Medellin Jose Maria Cordova (MDE), Medellin Enrique Olaya Herrera (EOH) 

Best Places to eat in Medellin

We have personally shortlisted superb restaurants & cafes for Colombian, international, breakfast & brunches, and contemporary food.

  • Mondongo’s
    Mondongo’s without trying the Bandeja Paisa, a typical Columbian dish you can’t assume of completing your trip. 
  • Brasarepa
    Brasarepa with fine tastes, this special restaurant is featured in Anthony Bourdain’s 2008 Colombia episode of No Reservations.
  • Cariñito Café
    Carinito Cafe the heart-winning brunch offerer.But you can’t miss this city’s street food and for that, here you go with the list: El Buñuelo de Botero (Snacks, Centro, $), Empanadas el Machecito (Snacks, Poblado, $), Subula (Greek, Poblado, $), Mercado del Rio (Ciudad del Rio, $$-$$$) and many others. 

Hotel to Stay in Medellin

  • The Charlee Hotel
    The edgy local art adds to the charm of this hotel’s boutique-style vibes. Located in the middle of Parque Lleras, every room of this hotel is decorated with freshly cut flowers.  
  • Diez Hotel
    Adorned with bamboos and greenery, this hotel gives you the perfect mountain views with local-Columbian touch.  
  • Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel
    Don’t go with the name of this place! Exactly the opposite as you can think of, this open-air bar is the showstopper. This party hostel offers the best breakfast and nightly party vibes.  

Things to do Medellin

  • To feel and blend in with real Paisa culture, go and watch a soccer game. You will find the loudest crowd in this city’s stadium hooting, singing, waving flags, and cheering their way out.   
  • Go and lay your hands on paragliding, biking and hiking.  
  • What is the use of going to Medellin, Columbia, and not even learning S-A-L-S-A? There are endless coaching studios, but we shortlisted the best for you: Santo Baile, Baila Latino, and dance-free.  
  • Museums, exhibitions, and parks are a must-visit with the beautiful architecture inspired by the Spanish-colonial period.  
  • This city’s guide offers you many tours, famous among all is Graffiti tour. I’d recommend you to go ahead with at least 2 of them, but NOT to attend one will be Escobar’s tour.    

What not to wear?    

In general, the people here in Columbia are obsessed with hygiene and grooming. The Paisas wear a long-pant and a uniform shirt on hot days and a sweater, jacket, or scarves in cold weather. We know the flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops are perfect for the beaches but try avoiding them here. In Medellin, you can become a reason to have bleak glares. Avoid wearing the camera around your neck and carrying expensive things with yourself.   


  • Which is the cheapest airline to book flight tickets from Boston to Medellin? 

    Spirit Airlines, with a price at just $169, is keeping the prices low for the next three months as compared to other airlines prices at $1,707.  

  • Due to COVID-19, can I cancel my flight booking from Boston to Medellin?

    It depends upon airlines and their terms & conditions. Due to the pandemic and uncertainty in the environment, the flights' dates and destinations keep on changing. So, to be assured about this situation and your cancellation policy and charges, check their policies and take help from customer support.  

  • What are the best-departing flights from Boston to Medellin with prices?

    List of best departing flights- Spirit (168$), JetBlue (445$), COPA (522$), American (5752$). 

  • What is the earliest departure time for flights from Boston to Medellin? 

    The first flight which departs from Boston to Medellin is of Avianca airlines at 12:27 am. 

  • Which day to avoid booking tickets from Boston to Medellin?

    Avoid Tuesdays and for an economical approach choose Wednesday for flight booking.  

  • Which one is the most reliable airline from the route from  Boston to Medellin?  

    For on-time arrivals, Avianca and Viva Columbia are considered the most reliable airlines.  

  • What is the airport code for Boston airport?  

    The IATA code for Boston airport, Boston Logan International Airport is BOS.  

  • Can I carry my own food on Boston to Medellin flight?  

    Every airline has different baggage policies, for exact information do check their website or contact customer service.  

  • What is the peak season time for Boston to Medellin flights?  

    March-May are the busiest time to visit Medellin because of the spring season and low rainfall.  

  • What is the low season time for Boston to Medellin flights?  

    The months June to August experience low tourism. So, you can visit Medellin and take advantage of low prices in flight fares and accommodations. 

Airports Near Boston

  • Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT)
  • Provincetown Municipal Airport (PVC)

Airports Near Medellin

  • Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH)
  • Urrao Airport (URR)

Flights from Boston

  • Boston to PEI
  • Flights from Boston to Monteria – BOS to MTR
  • Flights from Boston to El Bagre – BOS to EBG
  • Flights from Boston to Cartagena – BOS to CTG
  • Flights from Boston to Riohacha – BOS to RCH

Flights to Medellin

  • Flights from Binghamton to Medellin – BGM to MDE
  • Flights from Birmingham to Medellin – BHM to MDE
  • Flights from Buffalo to Medellin – BUF to MDE
  • Flights from Bridgeport to Medellin – BDR to MDE
  • Flights from Burbank to Medellin – BUR to MDE
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