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About Aruba

Aruba, an island country, entails numerous alluring lakes and oceans, making this country an extensive tourist destination of the Caribbean. The temperature in Aruba can vary from 27.0 °C (80.6 °F) to 29.6 °C (85.3 °F), with breezing winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the least amount of rainfall in the whole year. While booking your flights from Chicago to Aruba. you should be aware of some high-quality events like the Aruba International Film Festival and Dance Music Festival. However, the grand festival is the Aruba Carnival, which commences in January.

Best Season to visit Aruba

The low peak month is August(3% price drop), while the highest peak is in December( 10% increase).

Flights from Chicago to Aruba

The total distance for Chicago to Aruba flights is 2,286 miles/3679 kilometers. You will fly from O’Hare International Airport and land directly at Queen Beatrix International Airport. The duration will be around 5 hours and 8 minutes.

The low peak month is August(3% price drop), while the highest peak is in December( 10% increase).
The flights to Aruba from Chicago will cost you USD 76 or less for a one-way trip and USD 212 or less for a round trip. The airlines you can avail are- Jetblue, United, Spirit, Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta.

Best Places to Eat in Aruba

Apart from beautiful lakes, this island is home to many iconic delicacies too. You can devour the best of cuisines or have a burger or salad; that’s your choice, while taking a Chicago to Aruba flight.

  • Zeerovers
    Water is not just for swimming in Aruba; it’s for eating a good meal too. This overwater restaurant has plenty of fries and prawns with an open-air.
  • Garden Fresh
    If you’re more of an “I just want a green salad” person, then this is your best answer. They serve a delicious blend of veggies, paninis, smoothies, juices with making your own bowl option.
  • Local Store Burger Bar
    Instead of a fancy cafe, save some Dollars and step here for burgers, fries, chicken wings, and a lot of beer. 

Best Hotels to stay in Aruba

When taking ORD to AUA flights, searching for the best hotel is confusing and timely. To help you out, we’ve enlisted specific options that’ll make your staycation worthwhile.

  • Hyatt Place 
    This place covers standard and sophisticated rooms with a pleasant view. However, it’s an airport hotel, so don’t expect fancy rooms or atmosphere for that matter. Above all, this hotel is the most stayed one in Aruba so, make your choice wisely.
  • Camacuri Apartments
    If you’re looking for a cheaper place with a standard room and amenities, then this is where you can stay. The hotel accolades a relaxing aura, an iconic view from the terrace just at an affordable cost.

Places to visit in Aruba

The island country is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, sculpted desert landscapes, and the best wreck diving in the Caribbean. You can visit some main attractions like:

  • Oranjestad is a delightful city-cum-capital of this tiny island. Wilhelmina Park, on the waterfront, is one of the city’s main attractions, with bloomy flowers and iguanas along the water’s edge.
  • Additionally, You can explore the Aruba Historical Museum, with artefacts representing the history of Aruba. 
  • If you’re an animal lover, you might also enjoy a quick visit to Donkey Sanctuary Aruba, where you can pet and feed these rescued animals. 


  • Are there any non-stop flights from ORD to AUA?

    Yes, there are non-stop flights available from Chicago to Aruba. The airlines offering these flights are American Airlines and United.

  • Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights to Aruba due to COVID-19?

    JetBlue, United Airlines, and American Airlines have waived their policies and cancellation fees on flights to Aruba. 

  • What is the best day to fly from ORD to AUA ?

    Consider flying on Fridays and Saturdays for the best deals and avoid Sunday since this day is quite expensive.

  • Is traveling to Aruba safe?

    Aruba is one of the safest islands on the entire Caribbean sea. The country is quite enchanting with high levels of tourism. 

  • What is the flight duration for ORD to AUA flights?

    The flight duration for Chicago to Aruba is about 6h 49m. Since there are no flights available, the flight will layover at Baltimore, Miami, or Atlanta.

  • Can I avail a cheap Aruba flight from Chicago ?

    Yes, several airlines like Jetblue, United, Spirit, Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta offer cheap flight deals to passengers flying from Chicago to Aruba.

  • Can I cancel my flight booking from Chicago to Aruba due to COVID-19?

    You can easily cancel your flight booking, although it's best to check in with the airline's policies before moving forward. Moreover, visit the customer support portal of the particular airline to learn more about the guidelines for your flight from Chicago(ORD) to Aruba(Aua).

  • Can I take flights from Chicago to Aruba right now?

    Yes, you can book the best flight ticket and fly from Chicago to Aruba at the very moment.

  • How much time do people spend on their vacation from ORD to AUA?

    The average time spent hanging out in Aruba by passengers from Chicago is one week.

  • What are the best prices for a Chicago to Aruba flight?

    The best prices to fly from Chicago to Aruba are offered by Copa Airlines for USD 76 or less round trip or USD 212 or less one-way trip.

Airports Near Chicago

  • Midway International Airport (MDW)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Gary Chicago International Airport (GYY)
  • Chicago Executive Airport (PWK)
  • Griffith Airport (GFF)
  • Aurora Municipal Airport (AUZ)

Airports Near Aruba

  • Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA)

Flights from Chicago

Flights to Aruba

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