Best Cheap flights from Los Angeles to Quito

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About Quito

Quito(UIO) is the closest capital city to the Equator and the second-highest official town globally. In addition, it is located in the northern highlands of Ecuador in the Guayllabamba river basin, which is connected to the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. Apart from this, Quito(UIO) has a constant cool climate due to its location on the Equator. However, the southern part of Quito has a subtropical highland climate, while the northern region has a warm Mediterranean climate. Hence, while booking your flights from Los Angeles to Quito, you must consider the best-suited season, which is summer(June- September).

Low / Peak Season

The best season month to beat the crowd is in August, when the prices drop at an average of 40%. In contrast, December is the high peak month with an average price increase of 37%.

Best Flights from Los Angeles to Quito

Jetblue Airways provides cheap flights from Los Angeles to Quito at 194$ or less for a one-way trip and 455$ or less for a round trip. Furthermore, no direct / non-stop flights are available; hence, expect at least one layover in Miami(MIA) or Panama(PTY).

The other popular airlines available for this route are- Aeromexico, American Airlines, Avianca, Copa, Delta, LATAM Airlines, and United.

Also, the major merchandising airports on this route are- Los Angeles International Airport(LAX), John Wayne Airport(SNA), Old Mariscal Sucre International Airport(UIO).

Let’s look at some insights concluding the best flights from Los Angeles to Quito:

AirlinesOne-way tripAirlinesRound-trip
Jetblue Airways194$Jetblue Airways455$
COPA, LATAM591$COPA, Avianca792$
United594$Alaska, COPA825$
AeroMexico, Wingo833$Delta, American Airlines873$
Multiple Airlines967$Avianca, Aero Mexico906$

Best Eateries in Quito

  • Zazu
    To enjoy some traditional Latin cuisines, you can visit here. The menu feature- snow crab ceviche, octopus parrilla, and the excellent Pisco Sour cocktails are the most ordered dishes in Zazu.
  • Crepes & Waffles
    In this restaurant, you can have enormous waffles lapped with your favorite toppings. On the top of that, they serve tempting sundaes, savory crepes, and much more than you could eat in a while.
  • Lua
    Located in Quito’s(UIO) nightlife district, this diner serves lip-smacking meals with Peruvian tiradito parmesan and the soy-tuna steak on the highlight.
  • The hotel Masaya Quito is the best option for budget travelers. Not only do they offer compact rooms with standard amenities, but also several activities like yoga and an in-house restaurant. 
  • For some historic sensations, stay at Ikala Quito Hotel. The hotel occupies three historic properties in La Mariscal and a famous lively bar scene. Rooms are individually themed, with furniture and wall art inspired by the history of Ecuador.
  • Hotel David offers an exclusive stay at Alameda Park in Quito(UIO). Guests can enjoy delicious meals at the on-site restaurant or relax in their comfy bed while watching the panoramic views of the city.

Things to do in Quito

  • Visit the Virgin of El Panecillo
    Guarding the streets of Quito’s(UIO) old town, the Virgin of El Panecillo is considered the most remarkable landmark to date. You can ascend the statue to experience a better city view from a higher point.
  • Step in the middle of the world
    Just a short drive north of Quito(UIO) sits the equator line, for which Ecuador receives its name. Mitad del Mundo (middle of the world), a massive monument where French explorers initially calculated the equator, lets travelers be in two places at once.
  • Climb the Basilica
    The Basilica of the National Vow is another notable Quito(UIO) landmark where you can take glimpses of this traditional city. Moreover, the visitors can climb its two large towers up to the clock faces to explore the architectural beauty.


  • What is the flight duration from  Los Angeles to Quito?

    The flight duration will be about 8h 30m. Sit tight and carry your sleep pillow since you’d be in it for a while.

  • Are there any direct/ non-stop flights from  Los Angeles to Quito available?

    There are no direct/ non-stop flights available for this route; hence, expect a layover at Panama City(PTY) or Miami(MIA).

  • What are the best prices to take flights from Los Angeles to Quito?

    The best prices to take flights from Los Angeles to Quito are offered by Jetblue Airways at a fare of 194$ for a one-way trip and 455$ for a round-trip.

  • What is the best day to take cheap flights from Los Angeles to Quito?

    When flying from Los Angeles(LAX) to Quito(UIO), consider leaving on Mondays and avoid Thursdays for the best rates. 

  • Which Airports will I be using to take flights from Los Angeles to Quito?

    You will board a flight from Los Angeles International Airport(LAX) and land at Old Mariscal Sucre International Airport(UIO).

  • Can I travel from Los Angeles to Quito now?

    Yes, you can travel from Los Angeles(LAX) to Quito(UIO) now, but with some travel restrictions. You might need to provide a Covid-19 negative report taken within three days before departure or a valid vaccination certificate at arrival. Moreover, if you're a non-resident of the U.S., you need to show travel insurance and medical declaration documents on top of your valid passport.

  • Can I cancel my flight booking from  Los Angeles to Quito due to COVID-19?

    You can easily cancel your flight booking, although it's best to check in with the airline's policies before moving forward. The cancellation policies vary from airline to airline. Moreover, visit the customer support portal of the particular airline to learn more about the guidelines for your flight from Los Angeles(LAX) to Quito(UIO).

  • How many miles is it from Los Angeles to Quito?

    It is approximately 3496 miles / 5626.27 km from Los Angeles to Quito.

  • Do I need a passport to travel from  Los Angeles to Quito?

    Yes, you require a valid passport to travel from Los Angeles(LAX) to Quito(UIO).

  • How much time do people spend on their vacation from Los Angeles to Quito?

    The average time spent hanging out in Quito by passengers from Los Angeles is eight days.

Airports Near Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Long Beach Airport (LGB)
  • Bob Hope Airport (BUR)
  • Santa Ana Airport (NNB)
  • John Wayne Airport (SNA)
  • Catalina Airport (AVX)

Airports Near Quito

  • Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO)

Flights from Los Angeles

  • Flights from Los Angeles to Guayaquil – LAX to GYE
  • Flights from Los Angeles to Cuenca – LAX to CUE
  • Flights from Los Angeles to Tumbes – LAX to TBP
  • Flights from Los Angeles to Cali – LAX to CLO
  • Flights from Los Angeles to Coca – LAX to OCC

Flights to Quito

  • Flights from La Crosse to Quito – LSE to UIO
  • Flights from Meridian to Quito – MEI to UIO
  • Flights from Las Vegas to Quito – LAS to UIO
  • Flights from Mesa to Quito – MSC to UIO
  • Flights from Mattoon to Quito – MTO to UIO

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