Cheap Flights From Miami To Cali, Colombia

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About Cali

Located in southwestern Colombia and lying in the Cucua River Valley, Cali is a kaleidoscopic blend of indigenous African and Spanish traditions. In addition, the city is also known as the ‘Salsa Capital’ of Colombia. Moreover, the city is considered an agricultural capital of Colombia which also generates the primary income source of the country. Furthermore, the city encounters a tropical savanna climate with an annual average temperature of 25 °C. While booking cheap flights from Miami to Cali, Colombia, consider traveling around during the dry season(January to March) and avoid the wet season(September to October). Furthermore, you will board a flight at Miami International Airport (MIA) and land at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport(CLO).

Low / Peak Season
The best season month to beat the crowd is in March, when the prices drop at an average of 14%. In contrast, December is the high peak month with an average price increase of 32%.

Best Flights from Miami to Cali, Colombia

For Miami to Cali, Colombia flights, book your seat with Spirit Airlines at the cost of $68.55 for a one-way trip and $161.59 for a round-trip. In addition, there are direct/non-stop flights available for this route with Spirit and American Airlines.
Furthermore, you’d be boarding a flight from Miami International Airport(MIA) and landing at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport(CLO). And, the airlines serving on this route are- American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Viva Air, United, Delta, Copa, LATAM, Aeromexico, and Avianca.Moreover, the average Miami to Cali, Colombia flight time is 3h 40m by American Airlines. It will cost you around $158.72.

Now, let’s look at some insights concluding the flights from Miami to Cali, Colombia:

AirlinesOne-way CostAirlinesRound-trip Cost
Spirit Airlines$68.55Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Viva Air$103.75Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines$124.49Spirit Airlines
Avianca+Spirit Airlines
American Airlines$158.11Viva Air
Copa Airlines
Avianca$194.73American Airlines
American Airlines
LATAM$374.39Spirit Airlines

Best Places to eat in Cali, Colombia

  • Platillos Voladores
    For the best fine-dining experience, visit Platillos Voladores that offers a glorious fusion of Asian, European, and Afro-Colombian cuisines using local ingredients.
  • Pargo Rojo
    If you are a fan of seafood, Pargo Rojo has a varied menu dedicated to fresh octopus, grilled tilapia with crisp patacones, and spicy salsa.
  • Sabor llanero Parrilla
    It’s one of the top-rated restaurants in Cali(CLO) that serves a delicious variety of fish and grilled spicy meats. Moreover, the restaurant is quite affordable if you’re looking for a cheap meal option.

Best Hotels to stay in cali, Colombia

High-rangeHotel Konfort Inn$865.67
Mid-rangeAcquasanta Lofts Hotel$286.84
Low-rangeHotel El Penon$42.93

Things to do in Cali, Colombia

  • Capilla La Ermita
    This opulent chapel is built in a ne-Gothic style. With the Dutch windows, French church bells, Italian marble, and inspiration from a German Cathedral, thies Cathedral is a top-tourist attraction in Cali.
  • Andoke
    Featuring over 15 technicolored species, this butterfly farm is a hidden gem of the city. Take a walk through the trails of Andoke to learn about the incredible life cycle of these beautiful creatures- from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.
  • Reserva Natural Nirvana
    Visit the Reserva Natural Nirvana, a place where you can expect glimpses of varied flora and fauna.


  • What is the flight duration from Miami to Cali, Colombia?

    The flight duration will be about 03h 40m by American Airlines. It will cost you around $158.72.

  • Are there any direct/ non-stop flights from Miami to Cali available?

    Yes, there are non-stop flights available with Spirit and American Airlines.

  • Which is the best day to take flights from Miami to Cali?

    While traveling from Miami(MIA) to Cali(CLO), consider flying on Saturdays and avoid Mondays for the best deals.

  • What are the best prices to take flights from Miami to Cali?

    For the best Miami to Cali, Colombia flights, book your seat with Spirit Airlines at the cost of $68.55 for a one-way trip and $161.59 for a round-trip.

  • Can I take flights from Miami to Cali, Colombia now?

    Yes, you can take flights from Miami(MIA) to Cali(CLO), but with some travel restrictions, including the covid-19 negative report taken within three days before departure or a valid vaccination certificate. If you're a non-resident of the U.S., you need to show travel insurance and medical declaration documents on top of your valid passport.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Miami to Cali?

    You will board a flight from Miami International Airport (MIA) and land at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport(CLO).

  • Can I cancel my flight booking from Miami to Cali due to COVID-19?

    You can easily cancel your flight booking, although it's best to check in with the airline's policies before moving forward. The cancellation policies vary from airline to airline. Moreover, visit the customer support portal of the particular airline to learn more about the guidelines for your flight from Miami(MIA) to Cali(CLO).

  • What is Cali, Colombia famous for?

    Cali(CLO) is merely famous as the agricultural capital of Colombia. The major income is derived from agriculture and especially from sugarcane cultivation.

  • Is Cali, Colombia safe to travel?

    Cali(CLO) is a safe city, provided that you dress down without any flashing jewelry, watches. Moreover, it's best to follow safety precautions to avoid any unnecessary nuisance.

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Airports Near Cali

  • Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport (CLO)

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Airlines Fly from Miami to Cali

  • American Airlines Tickets
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