Cheap Flights From Miami To Santo Domingo

by Austiee

About Santo Domingo

From chaotic traffic to merengue blasting from the corners, from neoclassical buildings of the Zona Colonial to vibrant cultural institutions, Santo Domingo is the most intense city of the Dominican Republic. Besides, the city is packed with alluring beaches, long coastlines, and tropical islands. From oldest churches to oldest surviving fortresses, from salsa, merengue, and bachata to vibrant clubs and bars, Santo Domingo is a tropical country that represents the intricate blend of diverse cultures and ethnicity. Every year at least six million tourists visit Santo Domingo. So finding cheap flights from Miami to Santo Domingo depends on the season you plan to visit.

Peak Season to visit
Santo Domingo’s climate is tropical, with the Atlantic in the north to the Caribbean Sea in the south. Santo Domingo experiences warm days and cool nights from December to March, with an average temperature between 63-66℉. The summer season embraces heavy rain. Hence, it is better to book flights from Miami to Santo Domingo when the weather is pleasurable for you.
Santo Domingo has two seasons- wet and dry. The dry season runs from December to April, and the wet season runs from June to November. The month between July and September is considered to be the warmest month. It is during the dry season that the metropolis witnessed the highest number of footfalls.
If you want to avoid the crowd, find   Miami to Santo Domingo flights during the off-season, when the price drops down.

Details about Flights from Miami to Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo (SDQ) is well-connected with all the major cities. Only Air Century and American Airlines offer direct flights on this route.
The distance between Miami (MIA) to Santo Domingo (SDQ) is 826mi and the average Miami to Santo Domingo flight time is 2h 11m. You will board a flight at Miami International Airport (MIA) and arrive at Las America International Airport (SDQ).
However, numerous airlines are offering their flights on this route. The most popular airlines are- Spirit, Delta, American, Avianca, Copa, JetBlue, United, Aeromexico, Air Century, Frontier, Air Europa, etc.

Flight Statistics

AirlinesOne-way CostAirlinesRound-trip Cost
Copa Airlines$122.43Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines
American Airlines$216.35American Airlines
American Airlines
Spirit Airlines
United Airlines$236.276United Airlines
Spirit Airlines
JetBlue$243.10Copa Airlines
United Airlines

Best Places to Eat in Santo Domingo

The capital city boasts some of the most expensive and luxurious restaurants with top chefs, but inexpensive good food is not thin on the ground.

  • Pat’e Palo
    If you are tired of the same old bland pasta and chicken, let me tell you that Pat’e Palo has a menu that features Angus beef carpaccio in truffle oil with mushroom and Chilean sea bass.
  • Lulu Tasting Bar
    Located in the neighbourhood of Zona Colonial, this tapas bar offers a fine selection of wine and beer. The cocktails go better with Peruvian-style lamb and octopus.
  • La Locanda
    They serve delicious Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. With great ambiance and hospitable staff, La Locanda accommodates all taste buds that visit their restaurant.

Best Hotels to stay in Santo Domingo

The city has some great accommodations like independently run small hotels, guest houses that offer excellent value. Zona Colonial too is a good place to stay.

High-rangeBahia Principe Luxury Bouganville 549.56$
Mid-rangeInterContinental Real Santo Domingo294.18$
Low-rangeBillini Hotel Historic Luxury196.59$

Things to do in Santo Domingo

 If you are traveling to Santo Domingo, plan a multiple-day itinerary because the thriving capital city has a lot for you. The 16th-century ruins, restored colonial buildings, art galleries, museums, and trendy restaurants are significant attractions.

  • National Botanical Garden
    The garden has some of the most exotic aquatic plants, orchids, and tropical palms. It was initially made to preserve rare plants of the Dominican Republic.
  • Zona Colonial
    Listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Zona Colonial features the oldest European architectures.
  • Alcazar de Colon
    This UNESCO world heritage site exhibits medieval and renaissance artwork and collects several historical artefacts.


  • Which are cheap flights from Miami to Santo Domingo?

    Copa, Spirit, Frontier, United, and American Airlines offer cheap flights from Miami to Santo Domingo.

  • Is there any direct flight from Miami to Santo Domingo?

    Yes, American Airlines and Air Century offer direct flights from Miami to Santo Domingo.

  • Is there a web check-in option available?

    Yes. Passengers can easily check-in online for any flight from Miami to Santo Domingo.

  • What is the duration of the fastest flight from Miami to Santo Domingo?

    The duration of the fastest flight from Miami to Santo Domingo takes 2h 11m and is offered by American Airlines.

  • What is the distance between Miami (MIA) and Santo Domingo (SDQ)?

    The distance between Miami (MIA) and Santo Domingo (SDQ) is 826mi.

  • Can I travel to Santo Domingo now due to Covid-19?

    There is a Level 3 Advisory for US citizens to reconsider travel to the Dominican Republic due to the rise in cases of Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic.

  • What is the currency of the Santo Domingo?

    Dominican Peso is the currency of the Santo Domingo.

  • Can I cancel my flight booking from Miami to Santo Domingo?

    The cancellation policy varies from airline to airline. It is better to visit the website of the Airline in question to get proper information.

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  • Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)

Airports Near Santo Domingo

  • Samana El Catey International Airport (AZS)

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Flights to Santo Domingo

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