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About Peru

Located in western South America, Peru is a country surrounded in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, and in the east by Brazil. This megadiverse country’s habitat ranges from the Pacific coastal region. Moreover, this country has various attractions that attract tourists all across the world. Also, all the major airlines are operating their flights from Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM). Furthermore, if you are planning to explore this country in South America, then there are some cheap flights to Peru (LIM) that are available to make your journey affordable.

Climate in Peru

Peru is a diverse mainland, and the climate of this country differs from north to south. Also, this country has three climatic regions such as the Coast, the Andean Highlands, and the Eastern lowlands.

  • Peak Season to visit Peru
    The best time to explore this city starts between July and August. During this month the climate in this country remains pleasant and warm. Also, this country attracts huge crowds during this season in this capital city. Moreover, the prices for the accommodation and flights remain expensive.
  • Low Season to visit Peru
    So, if you are planning to visit this capital city during the months between November to December then you should avoid visiting this country. During this season, this country attracts less crowds and the prices for the accommodation and flights remain inexpensive. You can also find cheap air tickets to Peru during this season.

Top Attractions in Peru

  • Machu Picchu
    Machu Picchu is a famous attraction situated in Peru. It is situated high up on the ridge, 300 meters above the Urubamba river. Also, you can go hiking and can enjoy the scenic views of this city from this attraction.
  • The Inca Trail
    The Inca Trail is another famous attraction situated in Peru. It is a four-day hike that terminates at Machu Picchu. From this trail, you will end up gaining a new travel experience along with a scenic view of the city.
  • Cusco’s Architectural Treasures
    The streets of Cusco feel like walking through the museum with the history that was also known as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city’s long history lets you discover the culture of the city. 
DepartureDestinationDurationBest Price
Los AngelesPeru11h:42m$254
New YorkPeru12h:05m$158

The main airport in Peru is known by the name of Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM). According to the statistics this city served over 7,841,944 passengers globally.

  • What time of day is the cheapest to fly to Peru?
    As per the research, the evening time is the cheapest time to fly to Peru whereas the flight in the afternoon will cost you more to fly to Peru.
  • When is the best time to book a flight to Peru?
    You can book cheap air flight tickets to Peru at least one week before departure. During the festival season and the peak season, airlines increase their fares. However, you can save some extra costs on the flight tickets by planning your journey during the off-season.
  • Which day is the cheapest to fly to Peru?
    As per the research, flying on Thursday is reasonable while flying on Sunday will be more expensive.

Top Tips to Finding Cheap Flights to Peru 

  • Off-season
    The best time to fly to Peru is during the off-season through which you can save some extra expense.
  • Round Trip Tickets
    It is best to book cheap flight round tickets to Peru if you know the date of your return journey
  • Set Price Alert
    For saving some extra expense it is best that you set a price alert as the airlines keep increasing and decreasing the fares.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    During the weekend’s airlines increase their fares and on the weekdays airlines decrease their fares so, if you have a flexible travel date, then it is best to book the flights when the price is cheaper.


  • What is the cheapest day to fly to Peru?

    The cheapest day to fly to Peru is Thursday.

  • What is the cheapest time of the day to fly to Peru?

    The cheapest time to fly to Peru is the evening time.

  • What is the name of the airport located in Peru?

    The name of the airport located in Peru is Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM).

  • What is the cheapest month to fly to Peru?

    The cheapest month to fly to Peru is November.

  • Which airlines fly to Peru?

    Some of the major airlines like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airlines operate their flights to Peru.

  • Where can you get the best discounts on flight bookings?

    Booking the flight tickets from the can get you the best discounts on flight bookings.

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Top Flight Destinations in Peru

  • Flights to Arequipa
  • Flights to Chiclayo
  • Flights to Cuzco
  • Flights to Huanuco
  • Flights to Iquitos
  • Flights to Juliaca
  • Flights to Lima
  • Flights to Piura
  • Flights to Pucallpa
  • Flights to Puerto Maldonado
  • Flights to Tacna
  • Flights to Tarapoto
  • Flights to Trujillo
  • Flights to Tumbes
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