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Best Cheap Restaurants in Houston

by Sam Bennett

I was backpacking in Houston a few years ago, and the memories are still alive. It was an incredible trip. Since Houston welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world, it was a must-visit place for me. I explored most of the attractions in local transport and tried some of the luscious foods from the best cheap restaurants in Houston. Like every traveler, I planned my entire itinerary before my trip. Cheap Restaurants in Houston

I rounded up some cheap eateries, and I was pleased to discover that it’s not hard to find. So, let’s get ready to taste some luscious foods since you’ll have plenty to eat. With the variety of foods available in Houston, It is challenging to decide what to taste. Excellent cheap eateries in Houston are the best answer to this issue where you can taste numerous cuisines and still not have to spend a fortune in the process.

1. Gyro King

Address: -9203 Hwy 6 S Suite 110, Houston, TX 77083

2424 Old Spanish Trail Houston, TX 77054

12020 Farm to Market 1960 Houston, TX 77065

​19111 Katy Fwy Suite 700 Houston, TX 77094

528 Bay Area Blvd #600 Webster, TX     77598

Price :- 1$ – 17$

Gyro King:- A few dollars are all you need for dining at Gyro King. From lamb, steaks, fries, and burgers to Halals and lambs, you can choose whatever you want, and it’s not going to cost you much. The restaurant has an intimate ambience, and the staff is hospitable. 

2. Coreanos

Coreanos is among the most affordable dining establishments in Houston.
Image Source: https://restaurantguru.com/

Address :- 7500 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77054, United States

Price:- 1.5$  –  10 $

The menu is brimming with Northwestern food items such as Korean BBQ burritos, Korean BBQ tacos, Fries dumplings, lambs, quesadillas, and so on. It’s impossible to eat each one. The good thing is that my fellow diners joined me, and each of us had a different dish which is how I could taste the various dishes available.

3. Muiishi Makirritos

Address :-  1517 Alabama St, Houston, TX 77004, United States

Price:- 5$  –  10$

If you’re planning to visit Houston within a budget, you must not miss the chance to try the best cheap restaurants in Houston with delicious local cuisine at Muiishi. There’s a menu that’s filled with delicious burritos and tacos. Take a bite of the hot Mess Fries to enjoy! You’ll not be dissatisfied. The staff is swift and friendly and the food is so delicious!

4. Treebeards 

Address :- 9655 Katy Fwy Suite B-3120 Houston, TX 77024

Price:- 2$  –  18$

The atmosphere is elegant and vintage, and it has been for more than 40 years of experience in Houston. It is a good value and ideal spot for the backpackers, but dinner is a different thing, as a hearty dinner will cost you more. Just a few dollars is all you will need to eat at Treebeards and enjoy the best authentic meals at the lowest costs.

5. Bubbas Texas Burger Shack

Address :-  5230 Westpark Dr Houston, TX 77056

Price :-1$  -14$

I remember when  I was in Houston, one of my friends pushed me to try a burger at Bubbas Texas Burger Shack. Their famous buffalo burger. It’s delicious and one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life. If you’re visiting Houston, the one thing you must not skip is buffalo burgers from Bubba’s. That’s why I added it to the best cheap restaurants in Houston list.

6. Oishii Restaurant 

Address :-3764 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77046

Price:-    1$  –  30$

Sushi nights can be more expensive. We all know that, but at Oishii, it’s not like other expensive sushi restaurants. Here you will easily be dining without burning a hole in your pocket. They will serve you delicious sushi in Houston at the most affordable price. 

7. Cali Sandiwch & fast food 

Address :-  2900 Travis St Houston, TX 77006

Price :-   3$  –  8$ 

Houston is a thriving gastronomic city. Don’t fret when you’re on a tight budget. There are plenty of budget-friendly eateries in Houston, including Cali Sandwich and fast food are more popular. When I went back to Houston the last time, I began eating at Cali Sandwich & fast food. Vietnamese food items I’ve heard many times about. They provide a complete meal that fills you up and allows you to enjoy the flavour from breakfast to dinner.

8. Frenchy’s Chicken 

Address :-  3919 Scott St Houston, TX 77004

Price :-   1$  –  15$ 

After our excursion to the city, my companions and I were exhausted and didn’t have the funds to eat lunch at an elegant restaurant. We asked locals for recommendations and suggestions. They suggested Frenchy’s Chicken. They served the most delicate dishes for a low price.  The place is not so great, but if you’re on a tight budget, the restaurant is ideal for cash-strapped travellers. However, the food is excellent, and they do not compromise on quality or taste. That’s why I added the restaurant to my list of the best cheap restaurants in Houston.

9. Antone’s Famous Po’Boys 

Address :- 2724 W T C Jester Blvd, Houston, TX 

Price :-   1$  –  13$ 

Antone’s Famous Po’Boys is the most desirable place for backpackers to eat. They serve the famous sandwich from Louisiana Po’Boys. This sandwich is an ideal lunch option, featuring nearly all meats and served with the traditional French baguette. When I was somewhere near jester, I stumbled in Antone’s Famous Po’Boys and tried their Famous Po’Boys sandwich at an affordable price in Houston.

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