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Best Cheap Restaurants in San Antonio

by jesica perez

“The emerging cult-delish hub for eat treat.” 

San Antonio, the only city which has the power to make us salivate over the food choices offered to us. This city welcomes us with open arms to enjoy the aromas and savor flavors at rock-bottom prices. Isn’t it the place for which you could say a big C-H-E-A-A to travel? So, let’s go, pack your bags, carry your bucket list of places to visit, stay and cheap restaurants in San Antonio to eat. Wait, what? Haven’t you prepared a bucket list yet? And how can you miss preparing for cheap eateries in San Antonio? Let me help you with this. Be ready to explore the best places to eat drool-worthy food, and that too at just a cost of a penny.   

Be prepared to be stuffed to the gills because we have personally shortlisted the top 7 cheap restaurants in San Antonio; listed as- 


Average cost:  $10 for two people approx. (without alcohol) 

Quickly jumping on to our first stop of cheap restaurants in San Antonio, which is “The Barbecue Station.” An imagination to make the best BBQ across the small towns in South Texas has been brought up into reality by the Peacock family. If you’ve been looking for wood-smoked BBQ for so long, then this is the perfect place. They offer the best marbled brisket and fingerlicious good ribs, which are my favorite, no cap! Keep in mind & carry more loose money in the small denomination. Food taste and service are on point here and worth your value paid. It is selectively highly recommended from my side for its raw look and great atmosphere, and ambiance. The bus station near the BBQ station is Rigsby & Holly Hill with 2-min of walking distance. Your tour would feel incomplete if you won’t visit the BBQ stations, so check them out for sure.

This cheap restaurant in San Antonio features a particular parking lot, a kid-friendly environment in outdoor sitting space, this place makes the best fit for family lunches and dinners.   


Best cheap restaurants in San Antonio / Cappyccino's Bistro & Bar

Average cost:  $25 for two people approx. (without alcohol)  

Cappyccino’s has been offering its services since 1977 with an extensive record and is marked as best cheap restaurant in San Antonio. From chic scotches to Irish coffees, this place offers more than 40 varieties of bourbon in their wine list.  The best thing about this restaurant is the upbeat environment, outdoor setting, appropriate parking space, and perfect table set-ups, which allow people to talk conveniently without going over the top of anyone. This place offers you a diversified menu with the best soups. Starters start from $4-$12, salads & soups from $6-$11, meals from $12-$15 including burgers, pizza, and more. With the bright lightning, happy vibe, and soothing décor, this place is just set aside its parent restaurant, ‘Cappy’s.’ The service is attentive, and the food offered is best. All in all, this place is a 100 scorer. 


Average cost:  $10 for two people approx.     

The founder of this little cute family-owned recipes bakery has been the husband-wife duo since 2012. This little bakery heaven has the best quality deserts with no artificial ingredients and is made primarily with love from scratch. They’ve also started serving chicken-salad sandwiches and lunches in the debonair atmosphere. While ordering, always keep in mind to ask whether for gluten-free or not. The staff is amicable and indulging in recommending what new to try, but their service is slow. Their honey cheesecake made with Greek yogurt is drooling and a decadent grub. The coffee here is free so, chill about it. If wanting to give gifts to anyone, this place is highly recommended for super yummy, moist, light, but dense enough to achieve gold cupcakes. The frosting is perfectly balanced, not so sugar-packed. You’ll not disappoint by their cute box packing too.


Average cost:  $25 for two people approx. (without alcohol)   

Established in 2001, Piranha killer sushi restaurant serves the utmost fusions, exquisite sushi’s and cuisine inspired by the Pacific Asian Rim. It is considered most affordable or cheapest restaurant in San Antonio, in terms of sushi. It is located conveniently at Quarry Market. For fresh, healthy, and fast-go lunch, you can come and try their Bento Box specials and that too at heartily prices. They cook salmon in decent portions with the sauced baby veggies, served with egg roll and a sweet-spicy sauce over it to balance the flavors. Their spicy edamame is must mention. 


Average cost:  $25 for two people approx. (without alcohol)  

Rosario’s journey is not less than any roller-coaster ride from the local’s favorite to the critically-acclaimed restaurant. Featuring the casual dress code and unique entertainment options on Friday-Saturday, Rosario’s been there for over 20 years now. It has achieved great significance. The food is noteworthy, starting at $11-$30, and the staff is amicable. The Swirl (blue raspberry and lime) are worth trying, and also, with one refill, you can get a free Jello short. Their beef fajitas can make you crave to come back again and again. They offer live music and gigantic margaritas on weekends. If you ever want to eat the best TEX-MEX in town and that too under $10, this is the place to hit up for lunch. Though it is the cheapest restaurant in San Antonio but it might be possible that this place can lower your expectations in terms of taste. 


Average cost:  $20 for two people approx.  

Bringing the motto into reality,’ ALWAYS LOCAL, ALWAYS FRESH!’   

Established in 2020 is similar to an oasis with beautiful trees and porch swings overlooking the river. They serve the wide variety of choices, including vegan and gluten-free options. Set aside the river, with flexible setting you can play here board games too. Do visit here and photobomb your selfies with the pleasing surrounding. This cheapest restaurant in San Antonio is a favourite spot for aesthetic food lovers as well as dog lovers because all the dogs are welcomed here full-heartedly. Exciting, no? Elsewhere garden bar & kitchen is the definition of luxury with affordable prices. I’d highly recommend you order fully loaded Philly cheesesteak from the grill and a good beer selection. They serve the tastiest food with a large portion which adds to excellent value. The staff here is knowledgeable and gives the best recommendation. This place is not to miss, no cap!


Average cost: $25 for two people approx. (without alcohol) 

Keeping the neighborhood happy for years, this mom-pop restaurant serves delicious food. This local eastside eatery has been offering significant homestyle portions at affordable prices. Away from downtown and touristic highlights, you can park for this cheap restaurant on the street or close to the restaurant in San Antonio. Despite less helping hand, this small business is worth your time and money. The pancakes being fluffy, the omelets being tasty, and the burger and sandwich being perfectly balanced with spices. They serve fresh & warm meals, and their potatoes platter are unbeatable all around. Most of all, they don’t make you wait longer! Don’t go for the dim & shady place around this place. It is the hidden gem with funky and animated vibes. 

Let’s create a checklist to make it easy for you to review these cheap restaurants in San Antonio mentioned above!  

  • Food mood- Food being always first for foodies like us. These places scores 10/10 in it.  
  • Services- The staff here is very attentive and rich in hospitality. You can find the best servers here to heighten and enlighten your overall dining experience. Scores are 10.  
  • Ambiance- Scores are 8-9. These places have their own charm, do visit and have a rejuvenating experience and elsewhere garden & kitchen is strongly recommended.  

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