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About Gol Linhas

Gol Linhas is a Brazilian low-cost airline based in Rio de Janeiro, also known as VRG Linhas Aéreas. Gol Linhas is the largest domestic airline and the third-largest international airline in Brazil. Gol Linhas is growing its domestic and international schedule network. Its main hubs are São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport, Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport and Tancredo Neves International Airport near Belo Horizonte. The airline was established in 2000 and conducted its services on January 15, 2001, with a flight from Brasília to São Paulo. Furthermore, an assigned Gol Linhas customer support number is allotted to different countries.  

Customer Support

Gol Linhas operates several helpful services to its customers, but these services might confuse passengers. If you have any queries regarding policy or any other issues, they can rest their mind and resolve their queries with the support of the Gol Linhas customer service department. Further, phone support is the optimum option to contact and get answers over the phone and by email. 

Contact no/Toll-Free/Email- Hubs

Gol Linhas

Contact Number: 1 855 862 9190

Customer Service Number: 0300 115 2121

Website: www.voegol.com.br

Contact no/Toll-Free/Email- Focus Cities

Gol Linhas has allotted different customer support numbers in different destinations. Here is the list of contact details where Gol Linhas operates its services:

Focus CitiesContact Number
USA / Canada1 855 862 9190
Colombia 01 8000 11 1788
Costa Rica 8000 12 1855
Mexico 01 800 282 2706
Peru 0800 55671
Puerto Rico1 855 276 0033
Venezuela 0800 188 2744

Rest of the World

Passengers who reside in other countries can reach out to the airlines on this number: +55 11 5504 4410.

Waiting Time

While contacting Gol Linhas customer support, the average waiting time is 3-4 hours. However, the reply duration is perhaps quick, depending upon the agents’ availability.

Other Modes of Customer Support Service

Gol Linhas offers a different way to contact them. If the condition of reaching the Gol Linhas customer support number doesn’t work out for you, then here are some other modes available to contact customer support. 

Live Chat Support

Gol Linhas also provides live chat assistance to all their passengers in their time of need. In addition, it is an optimum method when you query regarding refunds or any other service-related query. You can chat online over messenger with the customer representatives by typing your question in the message box. 

Social Media Support

Social Media Support is a perfect way to connect with Gol Linhas. You can check out their new policies and ask your queries over social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. The best part is that the service is available to make your travel seamless.

How does Lowest Flight Fare help customers resolve their issues with Gol Linhas Customer Service?

When you contact Lowest Flight Fare for any Gol Linhas customer service-related issue, we will assist you better and resolve all your issues faster for a ticket purchased from us. Whether you seek assistance for cancelling, rescheduling, booking, rebooking, refund, related issues, we provide you with detailed information and with the solution to the issue.


  1. What kind of issues does Gol Linhas customer support resolve?

    Gol Linhas resolves various issues like itinerary changes, reservations, flight cancellations, and refunds. Besides, they also help in providing flight information, issuing tickets, solving ticket-related issues.

  2. Why do customers call the Gol Linhas customer support number?

    Customers can make a call to Gol Linhas customer support to solve their queries regarding their travel booking. Such queries can be anything from refunds to policies of the airline.

  3. Which issues cannot be resolved with a call to Gol Linhas airline customer support?

    Some of the major issues like baggage lost and found, travel documents (Passport, Visa) requirement is the responsibility of the concerned airport. Hence, such issues cannot be resolved by Gol Linhas customer support executives.

  4. What is the waiting time when calling the Gol Linhas customer support system?

    The average waiting time while contacting Gol Linhas is 2-3 hours, but it may vary from the availability of the agents.

  5. What is the customer support number of Gol Linhas?

    The customer support number of Gol Linhas is +55 11 5504 4410. You can reach out for the various queries and issues at this number.

  6. How do I contact the Gol Linhas customer support number?

    You can contact Gol Linhas Airline in several ways. The modes of contact include Live chat support, and social media support.

  7. How does Lowest Flight Fare resolve customers’ queries associated with Gol Linhas customer service?

    Lowest Flight Fare takes full responsibility for resolving all your problems with Gol Linhas when you book your tickets with us. We always ensure faster and smooth service.

  8. Is Gol Linhas a good airline?

    Gol Linhas is a Brazilian low-cost airline based in Rio de Janeiro, also known as VRG Linhas Aéreas. Gol Linhas is the largest domestic airline and the third-largest international airline in Brazil.

  9. Is contacting the Gol Linhas customer support number useful?

    Yes, it is very valuable for the passengers to reach out to Gol Linhas Airline customer support and you can simply resolve your issues and queries with the airlines.

  10. What should you do if you are not satisfied with your call to the Gol Linhas support executive?

    In case you are not satisfied with your call to the customer support executive then you can try the other modes of contact like try hanging up and calling again, emailing the CEO, or contacting the executive customer care team.

Gol Linhas Popular Airports

  • Guarulhos International Airport
  • Tom Jobim International Airport
  • Santos Dumont Airport
  • São Paulo–Congonhas Airport
  • Hercilio Luz International Airport
  • Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhaes Airport
  • Belo Horizonte “Tancredo de Almeida Neves”International Airport
  • Brasília “Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek” International Airport
  • Afonso Pena International Airport
  • Santa Genoveva Airport

Gol Linhas Popular Routes

  • Gol Linhas Flights to Sao Paulo
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Rio de Janeiro
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Belo Horizonte
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Salvador
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Brasilia
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Porto Alegre
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Buenos Aires
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Recife
  • Gol Linhas Flights to New York
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Manaus
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Orlando
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Bogota
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Cancun
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Miami
  • Gol Linhas Flights to Boston

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