Viva Air, Colombia Check-in

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Check-in is a necessary process of getting your boarding pass and passing through the security filters at the airport in order to board the plane. The airline provides its passengers 2 different ways i.e., Viva Air, Colombia check-in online and offline from which the passengers can select anyone as per their comfort to complete this process.

Viva Air Colombia is a low cost airline based in Rionegro, Colombia. It was founded on 16th September, 2009 and its operation commenced on 25 may, 2012. The IATA code of the airline is VH and was formerly known as VivaColombia. It is part of the Irelandia Aviation investment fund and is now the third largest airline in Colombia.

Check in services

The airline offers 2 ways to complete the check-in process

Web and app check-in

  • For international flights, you can check-in 48-3 hours before the flight. And, for domestic flights you can check-in upto 2 hours before the flight. 
  • You can either print your boarding pass or carry a digital pass on your mobile.
  • No extra fee is charged to complete this process by yourself. But if you forget to do so, the company will do it for you and will charge additional cost in return. 

Airport check-in

  • If you want to use the airport check-in service, you need to add this service while paying for your ticket and on the day of your travel, the company will provide you with the boarding pass.
  • You can also reach the company’s counter at the airport and ask them to check-in and they will print your boarding pass.
  • This service is provided against additional charges.


  • How do I make a web check-in?

    You need to follow these steps for accessing the Viva Air check-in online:
    > Visit
    > Click on My booking and then select the Check-in option
    > Enter your booking number and your last name
    > Click Print your boarding pass
    > Accept the terms and conditions and select the flight you want.

  • How many hours before the flight can I buy tickets or make changes?

    You can buy your tickets or make many changes up to 2 hours before the departure of the flight for domestic flights and 3 for international ones.

  • What is the web check-in?

    Web check-in is the free virtual process to get your boarding pass, which is necessary to pass through the security filters at the airport and board the plane

  • How many hours before the flight shall the web check-in be made?

    The Viva Air check-in time for domestic flight (Colombia), is between 24- 2 hours before the scheduled departure. And for International flights between 24- 3 hours before.

  • Can I make my web check-in for my flight back and forth?

    If your return flight is within the next 24 hours you can do it once and bring the printed boarding pass. Make sure you save it.

  • Who cannot make web check-in and should be presented in the module of attention?

    > Passengers who require special assistance
    > Passengers who selected the option of traveling with any special medical condition during the purchase
    > Passengers traveling with pets.
    > Passengers departing from the United States to Colombia.
    > Passengers who have some outstanding balance payable.
    If you're pregnant you must show up at the airline customer service help desk at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the flight in order to notify the airline of her gestation period.

  • Can I submit the boarding pass on my cell phone?

    No, you need to present your printed boarding pass. If you fail to submit your printed boarding pass and did not purchase the check-in at the airport service, printing your boarding pass at the airport will have an extra charge.

  • What if I fail to make the web check-in?

    If you fail to submit your printed boarding pass and did not purchase the check-in at the airport service, airlines will charge you additional cost for printing your boarding pass at the airport.

  • What if the website presents an error to make web check-in?

    If you face an error while accessing an online check-in Viva Air, you need to show the screenshot of the error on the day of your flight and the airline will help you.

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